Southeast Marine is the #1 distributor for Golden & Sunstream. 

We can also offer other boat lifts from different manufacturers. We are also particularly attractive to customers with unique situations because we specialize in custom boatlifts to meet your needs from lifting a jet ski to a yacht. We will find a way to lift your boat no matter what.

The convenience of having a boatlift is the ability to put your vessel in the water with the flip of a switch without having to leave your property. You can save on the high cost of bottom painting, haul cleaning, trailering your boat or even marina storage cost.


We are a full service company from A to Z. We have boatlift experience of over 40 years with the legend known as “The Boatlift Man”, who designed the first boat lift in this area. We are the only boatlift company to offer you a six month maintenance program for your lift. We provide the finest lifts available at a competitive price while staying on the cutting edge of technology.